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The London Loop.
Our UK launch.
A new idea.
A new community.

‘Creativity’ is one of our core brand values. We wanted to find a way to support the community that our platform had been designed for. So, we bought 72 city centre poster sites and gave them away to new and emerging artists, giving them a level of exposure and response they could only dream of.

Together with the launch of our online Loop Gallery, photographers, painters, writers, illustrators and designers could upload their wonderful, original works and receive votes from the art-loving public. Every day we promoted new creative works across our London estate.

We created the world’s biggest urban gallery

Off-line, London Loop shaped an urban, roadside exhibition space, that ran from Shoreditch to Soho, covering some 7.54 square miles of the busiest London commuter routes. Showcasing 1200 works to over 10 million Londoners and tourists.

On-line, we had more than 5,000 works submitted by over 2,000 artists attracting over 150,000 unique visitors who browsed, voted, or did both!

OMG. It is big!

This is only the beginning

London Loop has been our first campaign, it has been amazing!
A new creative community has been initiated.
But rest assured our efforts to build and serve new creative communities will continue.

The Loop Gallery itself will develop, reflecting the wishes of our artists,
with more functionality and innovation to help to bring art to the people.

Watch this space!

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