BEA World Festival: We Came, We Looped, We Conquered

When we sent Steve Dixon from Brandthing to present’s “The London Loop” campaign at the BEA World Festival in Coimbra, Portugal, we had high, but reasonable hopes for our chances.

Once we were notified that “The London Loop” was shortlisted alongside three other top brands’ campaigns (Adidas, Mercedes, and L’Oreal) for the “USE OF WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA” award at the BEA World Festival, we were just thrilled to be nominated alongside these colossal worldwide brands.

But hey, when you have a great idea, sometimes even the little guys are able to steal the spotlight.

In a thrilling decision,’s “The London Loop” was crowned the winner of the “USE OF WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA” category at the BEA World Festival!

But this award win is more than just a trophy that we’ll mount in our office, it’s a validation of itself.

This award proves that the world is hungry for a revolutionary new way to connect users and empower them to share their work.

When working on a project, usually one of the biggest struggles teams and freelancers face is the inability to easily share, collaborate, and get feedback on files. At Loop, we’ve addressed this problem by letting people share and connect in a much more natural central space.

Loop allows you to send messages, thoughts, and instructions tied directly to work files all in one place so you can get the feedback you need to get the job done.

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