How to Keep Project Collaborators in the Loop

Using email to collaborate on projects with clients can be hard work. Keeping everyone in the loop and avoiding the common pitfalls of email collaboration is a struggle that is all too real for many.

It can be tough trying to keep everyone’s comments straight in email threads, especially if some people don’t use email threads correctly.

Let’s go over a few simple email mistakes that commonly throw projects off the rails.

Reply vs. Reply All

Using the “reply” and “reply all” features incorrectly is a mistake that almost everyone has made at some point in their lives, either in a professional or personal setting. It can be easy to accidentally click the “reply all” button when you’re trying to send a message to just one person in the thread and sending a blast to the whole group, or mistakingly hitting the “reply” button when writing an email that you mean to share with everyone.

This mistake is an innocent enough one to make, but for your project, it could spell disaster.

If someone in one of your email threads tries to share an important update that affects the project, but they accidentally hit “reply” to an email instead of “reply all,” suddenly multiple people on the project can be working with entirely different sets of information, which can cause all kinds of project development problems.

Simplify your Conversations

Let’s face it - we always seem to have too many emails in our inboxes.

When working on a project, many emails are sent back and forth between you and your client (and possible between your team and your client’s team).

In all probability, not all of these emails are going to be in one simple, easy to follow thread, which makes it difficult to find the files or information you need. If different file versions exist in various email threads, it's more likely that someone will accidentally start incorporating old files into their work, which can delay the entire project.

Keeping track of important project files that are scattered across multiple threads, including all of their versions, can be incredibly time-consuming. Not only that, but often, in the back of your head, you’ll always wonder if there was an update important update to one of your files that slipped between the cracks, lost in the clutter of your inbox.

“A New Hope”

We used to know these struggles all too well, which is why we’ve decided to take on some of these issues by developing

Loop gives you a space centered around work files where all communication and feedback can occur, so you can make sure that no one will be left out or left behind. Since all comments and feedback are confined to one message thread, it’s much easier to keep track of who has access.

Once you decide to embrace Loop and kick email collaboration to the curb, you’ll find that your projects will go much more smoothly and you’ll be more likely to finish your work on time.