London’s Top Photography Events of 2018

12 Must-Attend Photography Events in London in 2018

The year’s just begun, and already, the calendars of London’s photography community are fast filling up with thrilling events. A cultural hub for centuries, London’s no slouch when it comes to hosting some of the world’s most dynamic photography festivals, workshops, exhibitions and more.

Whether you’re a seasoned career photojournalist, a fine artist, a passionate hobbyist, or a first-timer behind the lens, there’s plenty for you to enjoy and learn at these exciting upcoming events. Admire the work of the world’s finest at leading exhibitions, or network with peers and potential clients at a festival. Perhaps you’d prefer to enhance your abilities at an expert-led workshop. No matter what you’re after, you’ll find it in 2018 at one of London’s incredible photography happenings.

The Art of Editing with Matt Black

Feb. 15-16

Taking a photograph is only half the battle. Nine times out of ten, there’s a fair bit of post- processing that needs to happen to elevate a good image into a great one. This workshop with Magnum photographer Matt Black is all about editing. Participants will be given insight into how Black approaches the editing process in order to create and maintain a portfolio carefully curated to be as impactful as possible.

Insider Tip: The twelve spots in the course are allocated based on portfolio quality, so be sure and put your best foot forward when applying.

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F4-Photography: Learn Photography in a Day

Feb. 17 / Mar. 11 / Apr. 22

F4-Photography routinely offers a variety of classes and workshops to aid the city’s creative minds in expanding their arsenal of techniques. The “Learn Photography in a Day” workshop is perfect for the complete beginner looking to dip their toes into the art form. F4 also leads photography tours of various London neighborhoods, providing a unique experience for tourists looking to take in the sights under the tutelage of a local photographer. Insider Tip: Each workshop is limited to six participants to ensure a hands-on learning approach. As such, book early.

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Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY)

Mar. 30 – Apr. 29

As you might have guessed, TPOTY is an event which features some of the world’s most exciting and engaging minds in travel photography. This annual touring exhibition will be landing in London for a whole month at London Bridge City. Held in an open-air public venue surrounded by stunning views of the city, the exhibit is accessible for free at all hours — though daylight viewing is recommended. On display will be works from each of 2017’s winning photographers. Insider Tip: Don’t miss the stunning nature imagery of 12-year- old Morgan Wolfers, the 2017 Young Travel Photographer of the Year.

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Mark Neville: Battle Against Stigma

Mar. 30 – Jun. 10

Following his journey as a war photographer, Mark Neville’s book and exhibition attempts to provide insight into the adjustment disorder he experienced upon his return to everyday life. The book’s first shipment of 500 copies was seized by the UK Border Force — only by rerouting a second printing was Neville able to get his publication into the country. The goal of the exhibition is to connect veterans, artists, policymakers and others so as to improve mental healthcare for armed services personnel.

Insider Tip: Neville donated the entirety of his book’s second printing to Defence Mental Health Services, prison libraries, homeless veterans, probation services, and veteran mental health charities.

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Masterclass with Bruno Stevens: Photography Beyond the Image

Apr. 23 (5-day course)

If you’re a practiced photographer looking to expand your capabilities in journalism and reportage, this is an ideal workshop for you. Learn how best to capture the events unfolding before your eyes with award-winning photojournalist Bruno Stevens. Students will be thrown into a real-life photojournalism environment, with surprises — and deadlines — looming around every corner, as Stevens lends his wisdom and experience in the form of regular critical feedback and guidance.

Insider Tip: Feeling like something else might be more your speed? The Photo Academy London has a massive variety of courses available all-year- round.

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Street Photography – Spitalfields Market

Apr. 23

Street photography is a massively hot topic this year, with more than one upcoming festival dedicated to the art form. There’s no better way to sharpen your street savvy than with a targeted workshop from acclaimed veteran Simon Ellingworth. He’ll provide students with the practical understanding needed to craft compelling stories from one’s surroundings, including perhaps the most important skill of all — how to overcome your nerves when approaching people in public for candid shoots.

Insider Tip: Participants are welcome to bring their own products and props to the shoot, so get creative.

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London Photography Workshop: Portrait Photography Course

May (dates TBA)

There’s a lot more behind a well-executed portrait than most people realize, and getting the fundamentals right can make all the difference when it comes to the resulting portrayal of your subject. Over eight sessions, participants in this London Photography Workshop course will develop a practical understanding of studio portraiture, complete with a portfolio review in the final session. Class size is limited to eight students, and a basic understanding of camera operation is required.

Insider Tip: More daring photographers may want to instead consider the Nude Photography Course, which veers deeper into fine art territory.

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London Nights

May 11 – Nov. 11

The Museum of London hosts this multimedia show which brings to light the goings-on of the city after the sun goes down. The exhibit combines portraiture, film, conceptual photography and documentary to reveal London’s nocturnal realms from the late 1800s through to the present. Included is work from Alvin Langdon Coburn, Bill Brandt, Nick Turpin and over 50 other artists.

Insider Tip: London Nights will be open late on Fridays, so swing by then for an experience more in-tune with the themes of the show.

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Photo London

May 17-20

Photo London was established with the goal of providing the city with a world-class photography festival. Top galleries from around the world will be showcasing the work of their most acclaimed photographers alongside a curated selection of emerging artists. Enhance your own skills and techniques with seminars from the Photo London Academy’s acclaimed experts, including Juergen Teller and Magnum Photos’ David Hurn.

Insider Tip: Stop by the Discovery section for a window into photography’s rising stars and galleries.

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The London Photography Fair: Special Edition

May 19-20

The 2018 London Photography Fair: Special Edition is the perfect complement to Photo London, as it’s taking place right next door. Fans of vintage photography can hardly do better than one of the London Photograph Fair’s acclaimed exhibitions. Here, dealers of vintage photographs will exhibit their holdings as collectors, curators and connoisseurs get together to network and acquire new pieces. Participants of all means are welcome, with prices ranging from under £50 up into six figures.

Insider Tip: The London Photography Fair also hosts quarterly single-day exhibitions in Bloomsbury, with the first taking place on March 4th.

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London Photo Festival

May 17-19

Rounding out this jam-packed weekend in May is the London Photo Festival, an event catering specifically to amateur and emerging photographers. The event’s egalitarian approach offers an opportunity for photographers of every stripe to showcase and sell their work, regardless of experience or industry connections. The theme of this year’s event is “Street Photography,” so hit the bricks and get shooting!

Insider Tip: Want to enter your work in one of the event’s competitions? Better hurry — deadlines are fast approaching.

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London Street Photography Festival

Aug. 3-5

There’s no mistaking the nature of this celebration — since Cartier-Bresson’s coinage of the “decisive moment,” the poetic confluence of random chance with the alertness of a trained eye has resulted in the rapid proliferation of candid street photography. The workshops and contests that together make up the London Street Photography Festival all have their roots in this particular discipline. This year’s event has just recently been announced, so keep an eye on LSPF’s website for updates regarding speakers, judges, topics and more.

Insider Tip: Get an expert opinion on your work with a portfolio review from acclaimed street photographers Richard Bram, Gabi Ben Avraham and Chris Moxey.

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